Liz Taylor and The Mughal Diamond Necklace

Rummaging through a few snaps on good old Google last night I was rather amazed at how little Indian Jewellery has ever been worn by NON Indians. Living in England I don’t have quite so many Indian occasions to wear my jewellery to but I love mix and matching it with my Western attire.

Although I didn’t find enough Divas rocking Indian Jewellery, I did find an Inspiring snap of the INFAMOUS Elizabeth Taylor with an ancient Mughal necklace that was gifted to her by her husband Richard Burton for her 40th!

I would dread to think how much this necklace cost Mr Burton and I’m also pondering what age I would need to hit or how many hard hints I would need to drop to my own husband before I was even handed a plastic version of this beautiful necklace! Ha!

The Origins of this necklace stretch back to ancient Indian when this was once owned by the Mughal Emperor of India, Jahangir, in the early 1600’s. Jahangir was also the father of Shah Jahan who later went on to build the Wonder of the World – Taj Mahal. Like father Like son?

Most Diamonds are cut so that they glisten and catch every aspect of light. But I like how this Diamond has been left in all it’s natural and subtle form with just a little engraving. I say “subtle” but it has also been drenched in Gold and Ruby’s surrounding! Well… He was an Emperor after all!

Any suggestions on how to bribe/threaten an unsuspecting man into commissioning a Diamond like this for me are most welcome!