What is Kundan?

Working in the wonderfully Glamorous World of Indian Jewellery, Many times I am asked to show my customers ‘Latest Kundan Jewellery Designs’. But what they are actually envisioning is often very far from the Real thing! Modern Day replica of Kundan Jewellery from Mughal EraWith the Indian Jewellery Market booming as fast as it is, REAL Kundan Jewellery is often mistaken for ‘American Diamonds’ or Zircons, Glass crystals or even cleverly disquised Acrylic stones!So what is Kundan REALLY?

The word ‘Kundan’ originates from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and actually means ‘GOLD’ or ‘GOLDEN’.

Kundan Jewellery is infact the oldest form of Indian jewellery making and was at its highest peak and popularity during the Mughal era in India when some of the most beautiful pieces every created were made for Royalty.
Foil setting process The ancient traditional process of making Kundan Jewellery involves setting carefully cut semi – precious stones with a silver or gold foil between the gem and the mount to give a mirror like reflection.

Although it was made more famous by the Mughals and their opulent dress sense, Kundan Jewellery making originated from royalty in Rajansthan and Gujurat, India. Rajasthan is still the main hub of manufacturing beautiful Kundan Jewellery fit for a queen!

So the next time you go shopping for REAL Kundan Jewellery – Be sure to ask how it is made and what the stone really is!

Portrait of Mughal Princess wearing Kundan Jewellery