What’s your favourite colour Precious Stone?

Everybody has their preferences. From knowing their favourite perfumes, colours and down to knowing their favourite detergent to use on the laundry!

Thinking about jewellery I never really paid much attention to what colour stone was present on what design of jewellery, but since Sokora Jewels has been parcelling away to all its customers, we have definitely noticed that you girls are pulled towards certain vibes and colours in jewels!

So here begs the obvious Question:

What’s your favourite colour Stone and why? If you had to pick any colour stone to wear forever what would it be…. And if you can…. Tell us why!

For me… It will always be Sapphire. Its my birth stone and even though I hate how dark it is as a child, I know love the rich and deep night sea like aura of it! That and my husband chose a sapphire instead of a Diamond for my engagement ring. (Everybody say awwwwwwww lol)